What Does 2019 Hold For You?
Learn to Read Your Akashic Records
What is your 2019 going to look like?  Will you focus more on wellness and healing or family and relationships? Perhaps 2019 is the year to expand your career or travel around the world.  Maybe you want a combination of these aspects.  Would you like to get a few insights and a heads up???  

The Akashic Records is the perfect place to ask these questions.  As the vibrational recording of everything you have said, done or thought since your soul was created, it's the perfect place to discover what your soul is up to in the new year, to gain fresh perspectives on old agreements, and insight into where to work in 2019.  It is the best place to go for wisdom and new frames of reference without judgment, fear or resistance.

In addition, you will also receive BIG HEALING ... karma clearing, filters to get you unstuck, as well as crystal activations in your chakras and and a cleaning out of your dream space.
Learn to Access your own akashic records in just 90 minutes:
Discover Your Soul Plans for 2019 on
Friday, January 4
7pm - 8:30pm
On Zoom
Enjoy crystal activations and energetic designs while you reveal what's your most important message for 2019
 Plus, You'll Receive BONUS Alchemy & Healings ALL for Just $45!
3 Secrets You Will Discover
Secret #1:  In less than 90 minutes, you'll be in your Akashic Records asking what your soul has planned for 2019.

People used to think you needed to be psychic or born with a special skill to read the Akashic Records.  They are YOUR Akashic Records ... learn to access them!
Secret #2:  Learn 3 additional ways to use the Akashic Records to know more about what you are up to in 2019.

 The Akashic Records aren't just about past lives. They can be used to access information about so much more than you can imagine!
Secret #3:  Find out the TWO things everyone thinks about the Akashic Records that is absolutely not TRUE.

There is so much misinformation about the Akashic Records and we want YOU to know the Truth.  Bring your curiosity and questions to have them answered.
3 Questions You Will Ask
  •  Where is it MOST IMPORTANT for me to focus my attention right now ? (Career, health, healing, intimate relationship, family, children, travel, money, hobby, charity or something else?)
  •  What's still left unfinished from 2018? What is there to clean up, clear up or finish?
  •  What does my soul most want me to know right now?
3 Healings You Will Receive
(In addition to those healings needed and asked for during the program)

  •  Crystal activations for all your chakras and divine channels of communication for more clarity, compassion, grace and love.
  •  Healing constructs and designs where you are most blocked from connecting with your own soul.
  •  Installation and/or repair on filters to bring in more joy, bliss, freedom and inspiration for your most magnificent year ever.
Who is Bonnie Sax?
Bonnie Sax is an energy healer and an award-winning author of "The Health & Happiness Guide to the Universal Laws." She is also an international speaker and teacher, and very comfortable with explaining the awakening process and energy healing happening on this planet.  As a master alchemist, she is passionate about connecting people to their own information and helping them heal the low frequencies of pain, fear, anger and drama in their lives.  A self-proclaimed information junkie, Bonnie loves learning new ways to incorporate what’s happening on the planet into her healing work.

Together with Lily Winsaft, she co-founded the 8th Chakra Company in 2016 to combine their talents and passion to help others master what it means to be human. You can find her on BonnieSax.com, and the 8thChakra.com sites.
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